Paperclips is a brand consulting agency from Surat, India started by the Rao sisters in 2017. Carrying curiosity in our veins and strategy in our minds, we are on a journey to add more value to brands.

Good brands are a careful integration of the right words, apt perspective, authentic representation, sound brand strategy and designs that connect, appeal as well as touch the hearts of people. We are enthusiastic to build such brands that consumers love to associate and relate to and can’t resist coming back for more.

From the initial analysis to launching the brand, we take care of the whole brand development by adding life to brands.

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Why pick Paperclips?

nurture nurture cream


Startups Who have an idea and are looking to launch their product and service.



Corporates looking for rebranding, new brand identity, brand positioning with modern ideology and broader vision.

bloom bloom cream


Companies or industries introducing new products or service lines in a new environment.



Buisness looking for an advertising and marketing campaign to have a wider reach.


To create a space where every brand has a story to tell, a soul that is waiting to be explored and is breathing alive, craving to stay connected with more and more people.


We want to breathe life into brands by knowing them inside out and translating the gigantic visions of the founder into a brand message which is consistent throughout all touchpoints.


It is a workshop curated for startups and upcoming and established entrepreneurs. In this event, we will touch on the basics of branding, the branding process from scratch, understanding target customers, brand positioning, and decoding famous brands.

Every successful brand was once budding and walking up the hill with the lessons learnt from experience. We understand the difficulty of that journey uphill when you have no one to handhold and guide you.

Learn how to peek into the nitty gritties of your own brand, develop a distinct identity, define your brand story and a stealthy vision so that your target consumer has both a rational and emotional reason to choose you.

Look forward from time to time to getting into the crux of your brand to nurture, refine and bloom with your budding brand.

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Brand-Aid is a free audit service where we hand hold budding, upcoming and established business owners towards their journey of a healthy, happy and stealthy brand!

Here’s why you should avail our services :

  1. We often forget that like people businesses also get hurt & fall sick!
  2. We wish to come to your brand’s aid by diagnosing the loopholes pertaining to various aspects of your brand.
  3. We will share a prescription followed by a detailed report of where it is that your brand is hurting!