Paperclips is so tiny, yet it is extremely useful in binding essential documents together. Holding the same philosophy, the brand name, Paperclips was given by the Rao Sisters. We want to get hold of all the little details which make a brand and clip them together with utmost care and compassion.

A tiny Paperclip. Loads of Data. Clipping important pages. Holding them together. How a tiny clip can bring order, harmony, and make everything organised by kicking the clutter and chaos from the business. Similarly, we want to bring the intricate details of the business together and put them into perspective so that a meaningful brand is born.


Open Book




A pair of hands

Paperclip logo


Paperclips is a brand consulting agency in Surat, India started by the Rao sisters in 2017. Carrying curiosity in our veins and strategy in our minds, we are on a journey to add more value to brands.

Good brands are a careful integration of the right words, apt perspective, authentic representation, sound brand strategy and designs that connect, appeal as well as touch the hearts of people. We are enthusiastic to build such brands that consumers love to associate and relate to and can’t resist coming back for more.

From the initial analysis to launching the brand, we take care of the whole brand development by adding life to brands.