strategy and brand development

How to become a brand everybody wants to meet.

Imagine meeting somebody who has a name and also an identity, a distinct voice and a story. You could identify him anywhere in the crowd. If you ever had a problem, he came in at the right time with a right solution. And you never get enough of him, you always want to know him more, connect with him and keep him at your side just like that fluffy white teddy your mother gifted you. You develop a bond with him and become his loyal friend.

Now imagine If your brand was this person.

Every morning, he cols you to keep your teeth gate safe, cooks your food with Prestige, books your cab with just a Hola , makes a right match with a swipe, has a drink with memories.

Only if brands were like people right? How many would you happily welcome when they ‘knock knock’?

Well, here are some tips to make your business more presentable that every person finds their home in.

  • 1. Have a strong visual identity. A visual, which not only stays in their mind but also plays in their mind. By visual, it’s not just about a logo and a name, it goes beyond the basics of design. The identity can be built in a way that it subtly conveys your brand message. And don’t forget the colors, every shade in this universe has a psychology.

  • Here are some *eyes popping out, heart touching, breathtaking visual identities for your inspiration:

  • 2. Positioning : Your positioning statement defines you and creates a static position in your consumer’s mind. It is the first picture which people draw about your brand. As per the target audience, define a USP(unique selling proposition), which can be related to the functionality, the taste, the size, the feel of your product or even a philosophy which you want to propagate.

  • Did you just think about Nike?

  • It has positioned itself with it’s anthem of Just Do It. With this, they have been spreading the message of activism and breaking conventions to follow dreams. We can’t stop humming to Da Da Ding.

  • Want to have a break? Go Grab a Kitkat. How conveniently they have used break to make a connection with their audience. There’s a pun in the tagline. Do you know what is it?

  • 3. Focus on the problem you’re solving and not on the product you’re selling. Okay, for a fact, your consumer is already choking with all the data, internet is throwing at them. They don’t want to just hear your facts and figures, they want to know if you care about them. Show them that and they will keep coming to you like a puppy who can’t stop snuggling you.

  • Like Flyrobe did, they tapped the feeling of ‘wanting to wear different for every occasion but not burning the pockets along the way’.

  • And how can we forget the Apple? Their functionalities cater to people who look for superior quality in photos, music and even speed.

  • 4. Consistency : Know how Amul’s utterly butterly delicious girl talks to you, she changes her appearance but her way of communication is informative, revolving around current issues. We have picked up the best ones for you. Have a look but please don’t forget to come back.

  • If your brand communicates in a consistent language, it helps your consumer to identify and become more familiar with you. Choose a color palette and stick to it. Think of a voice which suits your business. Choose your appeal whether it should be emotional, funny or adventurous. Also, one small tip, make sure your brand has same voice across all communication channels.

  • 5. Let your brand tell a story. If you are talking like a machine who speaks in jargons, your consumer will fly away. Try to evoke an emotion in them, a happy, celebratory, empathy, power, class and let them feel your business, this way, they will perceive you as a person and you might become their go to pal for their problems.

  • We all swoon over the brand stories of Paperboat, Airbnb, Durex, and Asian Paints. Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments, we will gupshup about him.