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BGM is a concept sustainable fabrics manufacturing brand. It’s all about going sustainable yet fashionable and encouraging slow fashion in this generation of fast fashion.

We positioned the BGM brand that is kind and empathetic to every element in the product chain. It cares about the planet, environment and that supports a circular economy. BGM manufactures sustainable and natural fabrics which are gentle to the environment as well as on the skin. We have tapped these good values of the company into the positioning of “Let’s be gentle”.

"Slow clothing is a philosophy. It is a way of thinking about, choosing and wearing clothes to ensure they bring meaning, value and joy, everyday.


The BGM emblem

In this logo, we have used fabric weaving patterns to add texture and leaves to add nature elements in logo design. The logo embodies the name of the brand and fosters the change of turning towards eco conscious fabrics. It is designed to enhance the brand’s visual aspect where people can relate with nature.

The logo reflects the core value of the brand and its attributes. A stylish script font was chosen to depict the rawness and feel of nature. And a mix with sans serif corporate fonts giving it a professional and modern look.

bgm pattern
bgm nature based fabrics

Nurturing an identity

Design identity is the visual representation of the brand. It essentially sets the tone of the brand, and evokes specific feelings within the audience. We designed BGM’s brand identity to communicate the company's overall message of sustainability.

We designed brand identity for BGM with the concept of promoting and spreading awareness of sustainable fabrics. Business stationeries like visiting cards, letterheads, wall designs have elements of nature to establish brand recognition.

The color palette is inspired from nature, depicting eco conscious living and sustainability.


Let’s be gentle

With the philosophy of 'Be gentle', we want everybody to be gentle, kind and compassionate to the people they meet and greet in their daily life, to the clothes they wear and most importantly to themselves. They should enjoy and love what they're wearing and be affectionate towards themselves and others.

The most optimal choice will be the one that will allow us to waste less, purchase fewer, and wear items for longer.