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Design Identity | Website Content & UI

Photographs record passing moments, those which we can relive later. We all have old photographs in our houses that we treasure. Hold Me Forever is a photography & videography brand that captures moments and delivers handcrafted memories that last a lifetime. They translate your emotions into stories that make you nostalgic and keep you warm. They redefine the meaning of ‘Raw' by capturing moments that are untouched and unfiltered. Their work personifies clients' emotions into photos and videos of precious moments. With handcrafted memoirs, they give something to look back upon that gives their clients an eternal feeling of joy.

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While working with Hold Me Forever, we understood that candid, intimate, honest and raw - are the qualities that they possess, and these are the moments they wish to capture. Our task was to communicate these values and this core through design identity and website UI & content. Our experience says that simple moments turn into great stories. Similarly, simple designs create the greatest impact. While working on their design identity, we aimed to use minimal design, and line figures. The tenderness in these represents the tenderness with which Hold Me Forever holds the moments of their clients.

HMF offers wide-ranging services, from pre-wedding photoshoots to creative wedding photography and travel photography, and much more. To depict their comprehensive offerings, we ensured that the website UI & content was inclusive of all these services, and was coupled with creatives that complement the overall brand identity as well.

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