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Design Identity | Website Content & UI

KG MFG Botswana is a manufacturing unit under the parent company K Girdharlal International Pvt Ltd. and Paperclips joined hands with them to give KGB a distinct identity as a new manufacturing unit while keeping the cultural aspects of Botswana at heart.

The logo has been designed by combining the parent company’s logo and the flag of Botswana. Design identity was conceptualised using “diamonds” + “colours of the Botswana flag”. Integrating the diamond element in every hexagonal shape, line, and edge to create motifs and patterns.

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kgb posts

Corporate Stationery

As a part of the Corporate Stationery, we designed envelopes, letterheads, coasters and diamond loupes for KG MFG Botswana.

The overall designed identity, along with the positioning of parent company K. Girdharlal International was inculcated when working on the tangibles of the Botswana manufacturing facility!

kgb posts

Office Signages & Posters

Streamlining communication, clarifying messages, and directing.

People visualise things and tend to remember visuals that are eye-catching, thought-provoking and informative. This was essentially what Paperclips had in mind for KGB office posters. From the positioning of K.Girdharlal to their processes, their approach, a dedication to the country their new facility is and much more, we incorporated it all.

Our idea was to design attractive & compelling office signages to direct the personnel on the right path and land them at their destination. Signages were made to ease the navigation process through the KGB facility!

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