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Vogzy is an all-inclusive brand offering quality, sustainable fabrics. Their fabrics are made from natural, biodegradable materials, and the dyes and yarns they use are free of toxic chemicals, making them as gentle on the planet as they are on the skin.

Vogzy creates customized and exclusive fusion textiles based on a client's design specifications, ensuring that they get exactly what they want in terms of looks, feel, and texture. Vogzy’s goal is to inspire and boost ventures for the next generation of female fashion designers and artists.

vogzy mask
vogzy mask
vogzy mask

The way fashion is reported, consumed, and shared has been altered thanks to digital media. So, the way one's brand is represented on the internet makes all the difference. A meticulously crafted design identity spun around the spindle of mission and vision brings out a brand’s true essence.

We wanted to ensure that every part of Vogzy was properly represented in the design identity and website. We started with the website UI elements by choosing warm, earthy colour palettes and designs that reflected sustainability. Along with that, we created designs that reflect the brand's stylish, aesthetic side. We made sure that the founder's overall objective was woven into the fabric of their website