A brand name recognizes a specific brand, product, or service from other brands in the same industry. It conveys your brand's essence, creates an image, and fosters a favorable bond with the consumer. A brand name is like a brand passport, that can take it everywhere, and break boundaries if chosen wisely. Names play with the audience's minds. They trigger a sense of intensity, fervor, and passion. Past isn’t a history, the future isn’t a mystery, but the present surely is a gift. We know who we’ll be serving, their beliefs and perceptions, and hence we choose a brand name accordingly.

A brand positioning statement is a clear, concise expression of what differentiates a company or institution in its market or industry. 4 major bricks make up the positioning statement: your audience, your industry, your product/service benefits, and your quality. To construct a statement that carries a lot of weight and stands true to the test of changing times & changing trends.

The logo is the face of our brand. A logo lays the foundation for memory and loyalty. We use functional typography for an aesthetically pleasing brand presence that helps tell a story and boost brand performance. We’re attuned to the trends and cater to visuals that help get your message across to the audience.

Brand identity is the DNA of a brand. It is a visual language that includes name, logo, tone, tagline, and typeface which creates a distinct identity of a brand. The stronger the identity, the greater is the brand recall value.

The visual part is usually the first thing that people notice about a brand. When something looks good and grabs our attention, we stop and take a closer look. We often say that appearances are deceiving but when it comes to the color palette and font family of a particular brand, a brand is pretty much what it seems. In the grand scheme of branding, these two visual components are the driving force to induce loyalty and popularity.

What is visual language? To put it simply, it is a way of conveying meaning by using mostly images or symbols. Because of patterns and colors, the visuals can be understood by a large group of people. Consider the famous red Coca-Cola 'C' or the yellow McD curve. A visual identity is clean, crisp, and has an aesthetic dimension to it. A well-designed visual identity not only supports but also elevates a brand. A great visual identity reveals who you are, what you're about, and why people want to contact you instantaneously, from your packaging to your social presence.

Brand personality is the essence of a brand which makes them human. A brand personality is defined from the little quirks of the brand to the way it talks and behaves. The characteristics like innocence, innovation, creativity, fun, seriousness, etc. make any brand, product, or service more relatable. A good brand personality makes the consumer spend more time with it and get curious to know more about it.

Collaterals are a collection of tangible media and materials designed to boost a brand’s awareness. Collaterals deliver a brand promise and a brand’s value proposition. We design collaterals that are congruent with a brand’s mission, vision, core values, and personality.

Brand guidelines are the heart of a brand, which enables the proper functioning of a brand. It is a bible of the brand that consists of visual elements as well as tone, messaging and values to be followed. A brand should consistently follow the guidelines to increase the familiarity of the brand among consumers.

Visual content is retained more in a human brain compared to normal informational content. Whether you need to breathe life into your website, social media, or company profile, our team of photographers & videographers create impactful visuals full of life and purpose. Our team has years of experience and we create print and web-ready images for use on websites, print and online ads, and social media.

A process to launch a new product or service in an existing or new market. The main purpose of a launch campaign is to create a buzz in the industry about one’s brand. Our campaigns are made with a fusion of content, strategies, partnerships, and creative communication. We help you launch the spaceship of your brand/business so that you can shoot for the stars.

A set of similarly crafted campaigns promoted through different types of media such as television, radio, print, or online platforms. We keep our process for marketing or advertising campaigns quite simple - we understand the brand, define & segment their audience, set a goal, define creative strategies, and voila, the campaign is all set to get a brand’s wheels moving. Throughout the process there is one thing that we ensure, to always connect and resonate with the client and their respective audiences.

Wedding branding is the expression of a couple’s story, their love, and the bond of two families through various design elements. A branded wedding sets the mood and emotional experience for the to-be-wed and their guests. We design the wedding theme, the decor, and wedding collaterals that reflect the two personalities celebrating the bond of forever. We combine experience, elements, and expertise to bring a couple’s dream wedding to life!