Brand experience is the experience which the brand gets before onboarding and also while the brand is revamped or branded to land in the market landscape. Brand experience is also how the user feels when engaging or interacting with a brand. It consists of mostly every aspect of the way consumers experience your brand. From the packaging, brand voice, brand identity and brand image to the environmental graphics, all the points in which the consumer interacts with the brand are curated by us which is harmonious with the overall brand experience.

Environmental graphic design is a carefully woven system of design, using elements like color, typography, pattern, images, and themes to communicate a brand’s identity and personality, one that integrates with the consumers. It is a combination of arts, architecture, design, lighting, and landscape to layer and enhance a user’s experience. Items such as posters, landmarks, signage, interiors, furniture, public installations, etc are examples of environmental graphics.

The last step in the larger map of branding is employee branding. Employee branding refers to a series of deliberations where the employee is taught and briefed about how to represent the brand they work for. We cover aspects such as core brand values, mission & vision, consumer psychology, and brand value, and ensure that each & every worker maintains and re-enforces the same when representing their company.

Exhibition and events add more color and splendor to the brand. We suggest or recommend our clients to do events and exhibitions during occasions like brand outreach, to reach a larger target audience. When it comes to rebranding, we strongly recommend clients to do events so that they spread brand awareness and in turn it leads to brand recognition.

Web design is a Web development process that focuses on visual elements such as typography, transitions, design identity, layout, user interface, and other visual imagery to make a website more aesthetically appealing and easier to use. Our web designers consider their clients' target demographic, the website's function, and the design's visual appeal when creating a winning design. When it comes to UI/UX principles, we stick to the rules and focus on the minute details involved. With an aim of having the user stay on the website for a long time and reducing the bounce rate, our design connects with the viewer of your brand.

It is one of the most important aspects of a branding process. Packaging acts as a bearer of brand message, brand personality, and brand identity. According to the focus group and industry, we design packaging for our clients. We ensure a detailed visual depiction and functionality on our packaging to increase credibility, build trust and leave a lasting impression.

Icon development involves designing graphic elements, symbols that represent functionality, a purpose, and a distinct identity. Signs communicate more than words do, which is why we keep in mind the design aesthetics, ease of use, clarity & readability, consistent delivery that resonate with the target audience of our clients.

Motion graphics - explainer videos or infographic videos are those that use professional, moving graphics instead of animated characters. Explainer videos are made keeping certain goals in mind, which is why they have to be short and succinct. They should be concise and to-the-point, as well as visually appealing. We utilize this as a creative marketing tool to highlight a client's services and solutions, as well as to illustrate the key characteristics of their product. We use this style to combine sound, text, charts, symbols, and animation, to convey hard data.

A type of cinematography that combines both animated and living characters. For every film, we create a story, a hook that piques the viewer’s interest and emotion that resonates with the viewers. These add a human touch to the animated characters, engage with the audience and strike a chord in the minds of potential consumers.